Putting Pen to Paper

In this crazy, tech-savvy and digitally-dominant world, if you don’t have an online presence then something of an existential crisis is caused, and people begin to question whether or not you truly exist. Without getting too Black Mirror-esque or Rene Descartes on you (can I coin the term, “I write, therefore I am” ?), I’ve set up this website to be my online presence (yes, I exist!), and not to serve as a daily diary of my musings on the world.

So, rather than expect a steady stream of blog posts (life + Netflix takes priority), it’s best to get in contact with me at hello@georgebell.co or through my fairly straightforward contact section. If you want to pick my brains and have a chat about writing, travel, mental health or anything else (I beg you, no politics), then I look forward to hearing from you! I’m super responsive to emails, and you’ll likely hear from me quicker through that then you do here. Ciao!

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