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So, as you might be able to tell, this website is pretty new, but I’m getting there! But here’s a bit about me.

Who Am I? 

I’m twenty-two years old and currently travelling the world while freelance writing. I started my career in recruitment working for former Dragon’s Den Dragon James Caan, before quitting, taking a few months out, and then setting off on my travels. I now freelance write for a host of different clients from all different industries, and have written for websites, adverts, LinkedIn profiles, e-mail templates and research papers among other things.

I’ve also previously been involved in the marketing industry, where I was the Marketing & Promotions Manager at Britain’s Best Small Club 2013, a Brand Ambassador for Spotify and a Marketing Assistant for a student lettings start-up called Cherry Bird.

I hold a BA History degree with Honours from the University of Southampton, as well as Pre-U in Philosophy from the University of Cambridge. I also have a NLP Foundation Diploma, and am soon to be starting an online writing course with Stanford University.

What Do I Do?

As I mentioned, I’m a freelance writer. I’ve always had a passion for writing and find it easy to formulate content, whatever the subject. Most of the clients I’ve worked for have been in industries I have no experience in, but I still maintain a 100% positive feedback rating which you can see here, and feel free to get in contact with me for a full list of projects completed!

I’m also a huge Mental Health advocate. I myself suffered a particularly nasty couple of years of depression and anxiety, and rather than staying quiet I’ve decided to be as outspoken as possible in breaking down the stigma. I blog regularly here and am currently writing for a couple of publications (watch this space!)

Fancy A Chat?

If you’re interested in hiring me, want to talk about Mental Health or just fancy a chat either contact me here or email me at 🙂

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